MRSA Cleanup

MRSA is something that many people have and don’t know it. It is not always dangerous, but certain strains found out in the public can be dangerous and very contagious.

 How to Properly Clean MRSA from Your Home

All porous, cloth-based materials must be disposed of due to the fact that if contaminated with MRSA they cannot be 100% cleaned. Non-porous, hard surfaces can typically be decontaminated. After all surfaces have been disinfected, we fog the area with a sterilant contaminated with MRSA to eliminate any future possibility of contamination.

Contact a Professional for MRSA Cleanup

The safest and most effective way to cleanup MRSA from your home, office or facility and ensure it doesn’t spread is to contact a certified professional MRSA cleanup company to make sure it is done correctly to eliminate any possibility of its return.