Frequently Asked Questions

What is our process?

When it is an emergency, we will be on-site within an hour, ready to handle just about any situation. If it is not an emergency, Jim will discuss your project with you and arrange a convenient time to meet with you and come up with a plan that solves your problem.

How much does it cost?

Costs are always going to vary with every project, no two situations are identical. We will try to tailor a solution that meets your budget whenever possible. We provide full written estimates, itemized by task, and sometimes we have provided services using a time, material, and equipment method.

How long does it take?

Obviously, it depends on your situation, but we tailor every project to the individual. Sometimes we will have eight people on site to have a project run smoothly and quickly. While other times we will have two people on site, if this is how the client is more comfortable. Sometimes a project can best be accomplished over the course of months to meet budget concerns or client comfort levels.

Will it be covered by insurance?

Generally, all biohazard remediation is always covered by homeowner’s insurance. Sewage backups are often covered by insurance. Hoarding and rodent feces remediation are almost never considered covered perils.

Why choose us?

Personal attention, compassion, sensitivity, and attention to detail. Quality of the work and quality of the crew. Every project is tailored to each client’s needs. Small enough to provide personal service yet big enough to handle any situation.

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