How It Works

When you call Bio Pro Boston, Jim will discuss your project in detail with you. If it is an emergency, he will be on site within an hour, 24/7/365. If it is not an emergency, he will schedule an appointment to visit and provide a detailed free estimate.

Additional Information

  • We never require any payment before or at time of service on emergency situations and insurance covered projects.

  • Insurance covers the cost of 90% of the work we do.

  • You can and will always reach the owner directly 24 hours a day, any day of the week.

  • We can typically be at the scene or job site within one hour.

  • Our biohazard clean up or recovery services can typically be completed within a few hours.

  • Materials with blood or body fluid on them must be disposed as a biohazard. Only a licensed company like Bio Pro Boston can legally do that. We have all necessary training, licensing and insurance.

  • We have a flawless record, without a single citation or fine in years of operation.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call and if for any reason we are not able to help, we will connect you with someone who can. ​​

  • ​​Typically, somebody will call and speak with the owner directly. The owner Jim will then go through in detail the steps that need to be taken. A time is then set for the Bio Pro Boston team to complete the job. Payment is addressed after cleanup as it is our first priority to complete decontamination in a discrete and compassionate method for all Bio Pro Boston clients.

  • Bio Pro Boston is the most trusted and referred decontamination and cleanup company in Massachusetts.

  • We partner with local authorities, communities, emergency services personnel, victim services groups, hoarding task forces, apartment complexes, insurance companies and others to provide the most efficient and superior service possible.

Serving All Of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island